Bob GlickSmith—Photographer
Bob GlickSmith Gallery
The images below represent the diversity of my vision, be it a "flattering likeness" in a portrait, a detail capture or an emotional moment at a wedding, the natural beauty of nature, or the whimsical colors of man-made cityscapes—"If you could see what these eyes have seen." Bladerunner (circa 1982)
BGS Smiles Beale Street MEM
Nikki in israel 2001
The New Miles ART Station 2014
Dee HS Bokeh Piedmont Park 2013
Amanda Side Light
Amanda Butterfly
Marie Louise
Diva Darlene (Fab 5)
Masai Woman w/Tribal Headdress Kenya 2001
80-200 f/2.8 AF-D Lens Test Piedmont Park Boot Camp . . .  bgs.
Omar Near Bethelem Israel 2001
Masai Woman w/Child Kenya
Black Pride Vocalist Piedmont Park 2015
Christa Yaw Trinity Awards 2014
The Fab 5 Divas 2014
Masai Tribe Kenya 2001
Blue Butterfly Queen Inman Park Parade 2013
Snake Lady @ Inman Park Parade 2013
The Dancing Socialites Inman Park Parade 2013
Laughing Boy @ COP
Prom Dates @ Atlantic Station
Valerie and Bokeh
Jews @ the Wall
Jumping the Broom
The Hug
Allen Pyle with CoolPix 330
CoolPix 330 Black on Black
The Last, Rose
Calla Lily Morocco
Key Lime Pie in a Glass
Cafe on Irwin Street Old 4th Ward
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All Photos Copyright Bob GlickSmith 2014-15
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