Bob GlickSmith

Bob Glicksmith is a photographer, visual arts consultant, and an educator. He specializes in portraiture, events, customized services, and photo workshops. Workshops are tailored to the student’s needs and level of expertise. 

Classroom emphasis is placed on the tools, processes, applications and mastery of photographic techniques. Focusing more on how to "take or make" great pictures and less on the operational complexities of the camera—allowing students with little or no photographic experience to obtain rapid results. His students use and embrace a plethora of photographic tools and devices that represents the entire spectrum of photography—from the very basic point and shoot cameras to the more advanced ProSumers, including and up to the professional digital single lens reflex (DSLRs) types. As a photographer handling an assignment, he is quite comfortable on-location or in-studio. His skills set and expertise allow him to be adaptable, creative and responsive to a wide range of situations. Typically, custom tailoring to the wants and needs of his customer and the environment in which he serves. 

Bob was born and raised in the Metropolitan Atlanta area and has over a decade of experience in photography and the visual arts. Graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta (AIA), he holds an Associates Degree in Photography, and has over 20 years of business experience from IBM. Bob has traveled extensively experiencing the benefits of cultural diversity in Europe, Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Asia.  

He currently practices freelance photography in the Metropolitan Atlanta area, and teaches Advanced Digital Photography classes at the Lou Walker  Senior Center in Dekalb County (GA). 

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